In an effort to minimise the amount of fabrication on construction sites, Permapipe developed methods to reduce on-site installation time maximising off-site work, and increasing on-site efficiency. The system was developed to achieve this with larger piping networks; where there are multiple services to consider.

What is it?

The Pre-Assembled Components (PAC) system minimises site installation time by pre-assembling a complete piping system, for delivery to site. Branches are cut into the pipe for run-offs, and all welds are tested prior to insulation. These packs can then be transported to site, lifted in position, and joined to the existing packs, either by using a mechanical joint such as victaulic, flanges, or by on-site welding. The picture below shows an assembled pack, containing chilled water, steam, hot water, and fire pipe.


Quality is more controlled in a workshop setting, and machinery such as overhead cranes can be utilised. This type of machinery is often not available on-site. These factors contribute to completing the work in a more efficient manner resulting in cost reduction for the client.

Comprehensive QA and testing is performed on the PAC system, to ensure the product meets Permapipe’s high standards. As the trend toward more controlled construction management systems such as BIM become standard, the benefit of systems such as PAC will become apparent, from the design stage through to installation, commissioning, and operation.


Permapac ready for transport to site


Permapac Installed