Foam Cutting

Permapipe utilise a Wintech fastwire abrasive wire foam cutting machine to cut various densities of rigid foam, which also has the capability to cut flexible foams.

Some of the products currently manufactured with this machine include low density pipe insulation sections, medium and high density pipe supports and insulation sheets in various roof profiles, including corrugated iron and trim deck.

Tank sections are another product which can be produced, and can be made in as many or as few pieces per revolution as required. This allows for tanks of any diameter to be insulated to the clients specification. Mitred bends can also be produced in however many sections required.

foam cuttingThe machine software allows nesting of sections to ensure the maximum yield is achieved through the cutting process, minimising waste and cost per part, a saving which is carried on to the client. The versatility of this machine means a solution can be found to satisfy most insulation applications. The Wintech machine has a bed which can cut blocks with dimensions up to 2,400mm x 6,000mm x 1,200mm.